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Anti-Agenda 21’s Agenda

Messages, materials, and tactics of so-called “local citizen groups” from Virginia to California share strikingly similar language and logic.  The Anti Agenda 21 movement is being organized and funded from afar.  Some investigators point to the usual suspects who typically … Continue reading

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Tea Party’s Sustainable Development Horror Story

This story has all the makings of a best-seller, perhaps that is why so many people are paying attention. Heroes: Hard-working, God-fearing, law-abiding, nation-loving people who feel marginalized and betrayed by a government that has grown too large and unresponsive, … Continue reading

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The Agenda 21 Kneejerk

Name-calling and disinformation become dangerous when they short-circuit reason.  And that is what is happening in state after state. In Arizona it’s Senate Bill 1507.  In Alabama it’s House Bill 618.  In Tennessee it is House Joint Resolution 587. Related … Continue reading

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Visualize yourself conducting an experiment.  You are standing in a room with two chimpanzees.  Using sign language you ask them to walk to the table and bring you a plastic token. Both understand and comply.  They’ve done it before, many … Continue reading

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The Land of Opportunity

What do workers in China have in common with Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party?  They are frustrated about no longer getting a fair shot at success (see The End of the Chinese Dream). The American dream promises opportunity.  … Continue reading

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Political Equality not Economic Equality

Income gap.  Wealth inequality. 1% versus the 99%.  The facts are not disputed, even by conservative commentators.  Today’s distribution of wealth is as lopsided as ever, comparable only to the “Gilded Age” and the “Roaring 20s.”  Both previous eras of … Continue reading

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Congress Saves Pizza for School Lunch But Can’t Save the Country from Climate Chaos

US Congress, regrettably, seems unable to do much these days.  It is so completely captured by corporate interests that private profit trump public interests.  The profits of food industries, for example, outweigh the health concerns of overweight children and the … Continue reading

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Focus on Crony Capitalism not Class Warfare

Don’t get distracted. Resist effort to discredit OWS by redefining it as class warfare. Keep focused on corporatocracy.  At issue is the capture of our system of governance: the corruption of democracy by narrow self-interests empowered by immense wealth. Global … Continue reading

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Careful Regulation is a Wise Investment

Harming others for personal profit is not just morally wrong, it also costs money and jobs.  Environmental regulations promote justice and efficiency.  They put the costs of pollution on the books of those who pollute, rather than distributing those costs … Continue reading

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Tea Party Menu

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