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What to Do About Climate Change?

The most contentious thing about climate change is not the science explaining its causes but rather the politics of what to do about it. Popular but polarizing personalities such as former Vice President Al Gore claim climate change is nothing … Continue reading

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Exxon Advocates Climate Adaptation

Exxon and Shell conclude that society get serious about climate adaptation.  Mitigation just is not working.  These two corporations—two of the largest economic entities in the world with access to the best science and analysts that money can by—now admit … Continue reading

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Who Do You Screw?

Watch this short video and then come back. Aren’t the Aussies clever? Certainly, this video makes its point—we are screwing the future.  But sadly, the video ignores an even bigger issue that makes the challenge of sustainable development particularly vexing: … Continue reading

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Pain, Bitterness and Sustainability In China

“Sustainability is the reaction to pain,” says Richard Brubaker, sustainability guru in China, who is optimistic about sustainable development because he now sees governments and businesses responding to the pain inflicted by economic growth, pain that includes crises in public … Continue reading

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Cross-Sector Sustainability

Most organizations conceived or reformed to solve 20thcentury problems will face challenges being effective and relevant in a populous, wealthy, globally-connected, climate changed, 21st century world. Glimmers of new organizational arrangements can be seen in cross-sector collaborative efforts such as … Continue reading

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Earth Day 2013: The 2050 Convergence*

What does Earth Day mean to you? To me Earth Day is about the future, having a future, enjoying the future, creating a future in which we thrive. I want to celebrate Earth Day 2013 by looking into the future.  … Continue reading

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Sustainable Consumption? Voting with Dollars Will Not Lead to Sustainable Development

Consumer citizenship[1] encourages us to use our pocketbooks to shape our politics.  Buying free-trade coffee promotes fair labor practices.  Drinking organic milk protects farms and waterways.  Purchasing certified wood and fish sustains forests and fisheries.[2]  Or so we hope. Can … Continue reading

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We have the need and the urge to be two things at the same time: selfish and social, an individual and a member of a community, a consumer and a citizen, living in the moment and sacrificing for the future, … Continue reading

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Which Future Do We Want? One Created by Care or Efficiency?

A future full of opportunity and hope, a future where our children will flourish, a future inspiring the sacrifice required for its attainment, a future where human and biological diversities thrive, a future of health and prosperity and peace…isn’t that … Continue reading

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Ecosystem Services: Perils of Pricing the Priceless

Nature, our landlord, does not send us a monthly utilities bill. The oxygen we breathe gets replenished for free.  So too our water gets filtered and stored, our wastes decayed and soil fertilized, cancer causing ultraviolet radiation blocked, and crops … Continue reading

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